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February 11, 2017 By: Rosa Avolio
What's new at Ancestry
Check out this month's "What's New at Ancestry" presented by Christa Cowan
February 7, 2017 By: Rosa Avolio
Roots Tech comes to you
For those of us that aren't able to attend this ye's Roots Tech in Salt Lake Coty, this is the next best think, live streaming. 
Check it out Here
February 6, 2017 By: Rosa Avolio
Spelling of Names
Whenever I help a new researcher I try to explain that the spelling of names wasn't always as important as it is today, this article says it very well. 
January 23, 2017 By: Rosa Avolio
Genealogy Webinars
January 22, 2017 By: Rosa Avolio
PodCasts and genealogy
Another great way to keep up on genealogy research news and learn new research techniques is by listening to podcasts. Here is an article from Family Tree Magazine on how to do that The Poscast Primer
January 8, 2017 By: Rosa Avolio
Getting organized
If your New Year's resolution is to get organized and share your research with family, here is one way to do that.
January 4, 2017 By: Rosa Avolio
Ancestry hints
Some good tips about Ancestry hints from Amy Johnson Crow

December 15, 2016 By: Rosa Avolio
Internet Archive
December 2, 2016 By: Rosa Avolio
Photo Organizing
December 2, 2016 By: Rosa Avolio
Photo Scanning
Good information on scanning photos in the piece, enjoy!