Santa Barbara County Genealogical Society
Board of Directors and Organizational Positions

President: Mr. Art Sylvester
President Elect: Mr. Robert Bason
Finance Director: Robert Goeller, III
Past President: Vacant
Secretary: Mary Jacob
V.P. - Membership: Kate Lima
V.P. - Programs: Elizabeth O'Neal
Titled Directors
Library Director: Kathie Morgan
Property Director: Fred Marsh
Educ./Communication Director: Diane Sylvester
Fund Development: Nancy Loe
Directors at Large
Director at Large: Rosa Avolio
Director at Large: Marilyn Compton
Director at Large: William Noack
Director at Large: Fred Marsh
Director at Large: Bob Muller
Director at Large: Marie Sue Parsons
Director at Large: John Woodward
Director at Large: Karen Ramsdell
Director at Large: Vacant
Director at Large: Vacant
Organization & Committees
Aesthetics: Vacant
Ancestors West Editor: Kristin Ingalls
Book Nook Sales: Kristin Ingalls
Book-Buy Chair: Christine Klukkert
Budget and Finance: Michel Nellis
Education: Diane Sylvester
Investments: Mary E. Hall
Library Committee: Kathie Morgan
Outreach: Holly Snyder
Records Preservation: Dorothy Oksner
Social Committee: Karen Ramsdell
Technology Director - Pro Tem: Rosa Avolio
Tree Tips Editor: Diane Sylvester
Webmaster: Dorothy Oksner