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Montecito Cemetery - Old Spanish Town Cemetery
(Santa Barbara)
2300 East Valley Road
Santa Barbara, California 93108
This abandoned cemetery is located about three miles east of Mount Carmel Church on East Valley Road in Montecito, to the west of Romero Canyon. This abandoned 1.4-acre Catholic cemetery is also sometimes referred to as the Featherhill Ranch Cemetery. There were more than 80 burials interred between 1880 and 1919. With having three different names, there is thought to be three different cemeteries, but there is only one cemetery in Montecito. This resting ground served the many Hispanic and Indian families and early Anglo pioneers all who lived and worked in the area. 
15-year-old Boy Scout Jay Pion in 1982 compiled burials from the Santa Barbara Mission Registers. Also commended for his support and assistance was Alex Saucedo, Knights of Columbus Santa Barbara chancellor. 
Montecito Cemetery
Montecito Cemetery Entrance Gate