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Cieneguitas Cemetery
(Santa Barbara)
Hollister Avenue
Santa Barbara, California 93111

Cieneguitas Cemetery

Santa Barbara Mission Archive Library
Libro Segundo de Entierros de la Paroquia de Santa Barbara
el cual enyueza en d dia 17 de Novembre del Ano 1873
Rev. P.J. Stockman, Rector and Rev. Joseph Nunan, Asst. Rector
Deaths, Book #2     1873-1912

(A search was made in the Mission Registers to determine the identity and burial locations of known veterans of the Mexican War and Civil War who lived and/or died in Santa Barbara County, California and were buried in various Catholic Cemeteries in the Santa Barbara area)

Cieneguitas Cemetery

(La Patera Cemetery a.k.a. "Old Catholic," located in the Goleta District on the Goleta Road (Hollister Avenue), Santa Barbara, now closed to further burials as of 1896)



Catholic cemetery noted on far left on map.
Photo by A. Grzywacki