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Guadalupe Cemetery
(Santa Barbara)
4655 West Main Street
Guadalupe, California 93434
(805) 343-1415
4655 West Main Street
Guadalupe, Santa Barbara County, California 93434

Guadalupe Cemetery, size=25Kb


Explanation of How This List Was Compiled
The California Death Index, and Pre-1905 records (which aren't complete),, the California Death Records on RootsWeb at (1940-1997), and the Social Security Death Index at have been a valuable source of information and were of great help in clarifying the dates of death. The early Masonic records were also of great help. Although some of the burials show dates going back to early dates, many of the burial sites are unknown. In addition, in some cases, it's almost impossible to determine if the names shown are the names of the deceased or the persons who bought the lots.

Sometimes there's a record, but no stone, while in other instances, there's a stone, but no record. Then, there's the additional problem of neither a record nor stone.

In going from headstone to headstone and recording the engraved names, I found that a few of the headstones were broken, and many of those that have survived time and weather damage are difficult to read. Some of the burials listed in the cemetery's register are no longer in this cemetery but were moved to other cemeteries and were not noted as having been removed. Some of the headstones remained.

By Shirley Contreras
Used with permission