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Chalk Hill Danish Cemetery
(Santa Barbara)
645 Chalk Hill Road
Solvang, California
Burials from 1911 to 6/23/2006
       Chalk Hill Danish Cemetery is located on Chalk Hill Rd. in the Danish town of Solvang, California. The town was founded in 1911 by a small group of Danish teachers who had arrived in 1910 to start a Danish folk school named Atterdag College. They emigrated from the Midwest to establish a colony on the West Coast. They purchased 9000 acres of land and advertised for Danish colonists. The early settlers’ names are among those buried in this beautiful, typically Danish cemetery.
1.     Those who were cremated are noted as “cr or cremation.” The letters SLH indicate that the person was a resident of the Solvang Lutheran Home which is located on the former site of Atterdag College.
2.     The Board and minister of Bethania Lutheran Church in Solvang, CA has given their verbal approval to allow the Santa Barbara County Genealogical Society to put this index on our website. [April 2013 to Emily Aasted]
3.     We extend our appreciation to Mrs. Johannes Jaeger for her cooperation in allowing us to copy her cemetery records for our index.
Emily Aasted, SBCGS August 2013