It is the mission of the Outreach Committee to inform and engage the community about the study of family history and the Society’s rich genealogical education and research resources through a variety of methods.
What do we do?  
Inform and engage the community about the Society and its resources using a variety of methods.
How do we do it?
Community events
Exhibits- in person and virtual
Social media
Electronic and print media
Presentations in the community to service organizations, schools, etc. (Virtual for now)
Who do we do it for?
The community
What value are we bringing?
Fostering the study of family history in the community to enhance understanding of ourselves and our heritage.
The Outreach Committee has an outward focus on the community and strives to inform and engage community members in the study of family history, the resources available through the Society and the Sayhun Library, and to gain new members. 
Do you have any special event or exhibit suggestions, would like to have a virtual genealogy speaking engagement, or want to help the Outreach Committee? Contact the Outreach Committee