Picnic in the Cemetery
SBCGS's history of presenting Picnic in the Cemetery:
Members of the Santa Barbara County Genealogical Society presented the first cemetery event in 2005 at the Los Alamos Cemetery in Los Alamos, Santa Barbara County, California, for which there was no video taken. All of the cemetery residents were portrayed by the society members. Afterwards, the "picnic" was held down and across the road at the park where sack lunches and beverages were distributed to the attendees. 
For the Los Alamos and following cemetery events, members and actors researched the histories of the chosen residents and wrote the scripts. Costumes worn by the actors were provided mostly by themselves with a little help from members.
The next "Picnic" was in the Carpinteria Cemetery in 2007 with lunch at the Carpinteria Historical Society Museum. 
In 2009 Oak Hill Cemetery in Ballard was selected with lunch at the Santa Ynez Historical Museum and Carriage House. 
The last event was held at the Goleta Cemetery in 2013 with lunch at Stow House, the Goleta Historical Society.
SBCGS resurrected the event this year (2021) at the Goleta Cemetery with lunch at Grace Gathering Church nearby. 
Actors helped with research, wrote their scripts, and provided their own costumes and props. 
Watch here:
Previous Years:
Carpinteria Cemetery, Carpinteria, Santa Barbara County, California - 2007
Oak Hill Cemetery, Ballard, Santa Barbara County, California - 2009
Goleta Cemetery, Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara County, California - 2013